Peg Hangers

Underwear Hangers

Hangers are common accessories found in every household. Most people go in for standard wire, wooden or plastic hangers and use them for all purposes. However, these standard hangers don't work well with all types of clothes. For instance, undergarments and lingerie require special underwear hangers.

What are Underwear Hangers?

These are hangers specifically meant for hanging delicate clothes such as underwear. The thing about undergarments is that they are light, and hence they do not require bulky hangers that take up a lot of space. Also, given the delicate nature of the fabric, the hangers need to be of a good quality, to prevent any damage. Hence, underwear hangers with special features are available for such clothing.

Types of Underwear Hangers

Underwear hangers are made of different materials and have many features that are worth talking about. Let’s take a look at some of the different types and models.

Purchasing Underwear Hangers

These kinds of hangers can be purchased from shopping malls or stores that exclusively sell underwear for men and women. You might want to take into account the number of hangers you will be needing, the size of your under garments, and the materials needed, before you go shopping. Depending on the type of underwear you use, you have to make the right choice between wire, wood, plastic or padded satin hangers. Once you are sure of what you require, you could take a look at a few stores before you make your choice. It’s a great idea to shop online for underwear hangers, from the comfort of your home.

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