Peg Hangers

Flocked Hangers

Hangers are essential accessories to maintain a neat and organized closet. Most traditional hangers are made of wood, plastic or metal. There are certain disadvantages associated with each of these hangers.

Disadvantages of Traditional Hangers

What are Flocked Hangers?

Wouldn’t it be great to have one hanger that addresses and eliminates all these concerns that are associated with traditional hangers? Well, the good news is that there is, and it is known as a flocked hanger. Flocked hangers have several features incorporated, that make them a must-have in every closet.

Features of Flocked Hangers

Purchasing Flocked Hangers

These hangers are available in stores that sell household items and home décor items. They can be found in several colors like black, gray, white, blue, green, etc. If you purchase a set of these hangers, you could get clips and cascading hooks along with the package. Online, there are a lot of websites that sell flocked hangers. You can go through some of these and then put in an order for the ones you like best.

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