Peg Hangers

Types of Peg Hangers

A peg is a cylindrical device that is used to hold things together, or hang things on. Pegs are immensely useful for a variety of purposes. Within the house and also outdoors, hangers fitted with pegs are used to organize spaces such as bedroom and bathroom closets, kitchen shelves, etc. These peg hangers may be made of different materials, and intended for different uses. The types of peg hangers available are plenty.

Types of Peg Hangers

Peg hangers, while useful in several applications, are commonly found in household environments. Two of the most regular uses of peg hangers are:

Let’s take a look at these in detail.

Wall Peg Hangers

The types of peg hangers that can be attached to a wall are plenty. Several items around the house can be hung behind doors or on the walls. Decorative wall hangers are used in spaces like living rooms and dining areas. Made of materials like wrought iron or wood, these types of peg hangers come with floral patterns, contemporary designs and more. They can be used to hang items such as picture frames, keys, umbrellas, hats, etc.

In a bathroom, wall hangers with pegs are attached to the tiled wall or inside the shower area. Loofas, cleaning and scrubbing brushes, hair care supplies and products, etc. are some of the items that can be hung on these types of peg hangers. In kitchens, pegs can be made use of to put up utensils like pots and pans, or dishcloths and oven mitts.

Peg wall hangers in bedrooms are again used to keep things neat and orderly. Attached to the wall behind the door or at the back of the closet door, these hangers can be used to suspend belts, scarves, hats, coats or other accessories.

In kid’s bedrooms, decorative peg hangers with interesting designs can be put up. Hangers decorated with themes such as sports, farm animals, flowers, cartoon figures, etc. are very popular with children. These types of peg hangers can be used to hang up their clothes, or little items belonging to them.

Clothespin Peg Hangers

For as long as we can remember, clothespins have been in use to dry clothes on a clothesline. In spite of the use of dryers and laundry that take care of our washing and drying needs, many people still use the old fashioned method of drying up sheets and other garments on clotheslines. For this purpose peg hangers made of wood, plastic or metal are used. While plastic is light in weight and easy to handle, wood and metal are durable and strong.

Purchasing Peg Hangers

Many types of peg hangers are available today, in different price ranges. Plastic pegs are found to be the cheapest. Especially with wall pegs, the ones that come with double sided tape are quite inexpensive and serve the purpose. Sturdy, durable hangers would obviously cost more.

You could find these hangers in local stores that sell home décor and other household products. Many websites sell peg hangers online too.

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