Peg Hangers

Belt Hanger

Hangers can be used for several purposes. There are many regular as well as innovative uses that have been derived from hangers, in homes and other places. While the most common use for a hanger is to put clothes away, there are other things that can be done with it to hang, display and organize items.

A belt hanger is one such innovation. Ordinarily, storing belts is something of a hassle. Rolled up, multiple belts would take up a lot of space in a closet, and also be difficult to find and pull out. Belts fall off very easily from regular hangers, which is annoying. Thankfully, belt hangers are available, to use exclusively for these accessories. If several belts form a part of your wardrobe, you definitely want to know more about the belt hanger.

Wall Belt Hangers

Belts can be conveniently hung up by the buckle from any type of peg or hanger. The wall behind your bedroom door or the inside of your closet door, are great places to install a hanger with pegs or hooks. You can then hang your belts neatly in a row, depending on your usage. You could also consider displaying your collection of belts elsewhere in the bedroom, using wall hangers. Extendable belt racks, mounted to the wall or closet door, make belt selection much easier with a sliding mechanism.

Closet Belt Hangers

We’ve seen and heard about regular clothes hangers for closets, but there are indeed hangers specifically made for belts. Let’s take a look at a few types.

Purchasing Belt Hangers

Like all other hangers, you may look for belt hangers in local department stores or malls. However, if you are interested in looking through a lot of varieties before making a choice, there are two things you could do. First, get your hands on some hanger manufacturer’s catalogs, where you can go through different models of hangers. The second is to look up websites selling hangers on the internet, where you can find a lot of unique and interesting hangers.

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