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Slimline Hangers

Saving space in a closet can be a great hassle. If you have splurged on a recent shopping trip and have no idea where to store all those great new clothes, you might want to consider some space saving ideas. Traditional plastic and wooden hangers are thick and take up a lot of space. More so, if they are all of different shapes and sizes and stick out unevenly. Fortunately, there are quite a few space saver solutions available, if you are facing these issues. Slimline hangers are one such solution.

What are Slimline Hangers?

Slimline hangers, as the name suggests are slim. In fact, they are ultra slim, down to a third of the thickness of regular hangers. Using such slim hangers, as opposed to bulky and thick plastic or wooden ones allows a lot of space to be saved in closets. Around fifty percent of closet space can be freed up with the use of these hangers.

Slimline hangers for shirts and blouses are shaped like regular hangers, but do not come with a bottom rung. The ones for heavier clothing like suits, do. For pants, multi-pant hangers are available with four or five bars, one below the other. This is a great way to organize pants or trousers.

Advantages of Slimline Hangers

There are several advantages that come with using these hangers. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

These are some of the features of slim hangers that make organizing your closet easier and fun.

Purchasing Slimline Hangers

These space saving hangers are available in local stores. However, some of the best deals are found online, from manufacturer and retail websites. Some deals give you, at a great price, a set of slimline hangers, a couple of multi-pant hangers, a set of finger clips for skirts and pants, and cascading hooks to save even more space in the closet. You could browse several websites and catalogs online before you find a good deal, with hangers that suit your needs the best.

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