Peg Hangers

Picture Hangers

Hangers are used for multiple purposes in almost all households. They are used for hanging clothes and other accessories in closets, bathroom and kitchen accessories, and even in living rooms to hang useful items on the wall. Picture hangers are examples of hangers used in living rooms, bedrooms and dining areas as a decorative piece.

What are Picture Hangers?

Picture Hangers are decorative objects or devices attached to the wall, from which one or more frames are suspended. They may also be attached to the molding of a frame, using which the picture is hung on the wall. In other words, a picture hanger may be seen as a type of fastener, meant to hold picture frames to a wall.  These hangers come in different sizes, and are used depending on the weight of the picture frame.

Uses of Picture Hangers

Let’s take a look at some of the important types and uses of these hangers.

Purchasing Picture Hangers

Hangers for heavy or large picture frames and mirrors are generally available in local hardware stores. You can pick these up and install them all by yourself, if you just have a drill handy. Other types of hangers may be found in general stores or shopping malls. The internet is also a great place to shop for picture hangers. There are several websites that sell such products. You could go through their catalogs, before deciding on the best one. Once you have placed your order with the use of your credit card, the products will be delivered to your doorstep, making the entire shopping process a very convenient one.

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