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Padded Hangers

There are several varieties of hangers available in stores today. Depending on individual preferences, and other factors, people choose different types of hangers for their daily needs. Metal, wood, wire, plastic, velvet, slimline, padded, etc. are some of the common hangers being manufactured these days. Decorative hangers are also available that lend beauty to a person's closet.

What are Padded Hangers?

Padded hangers may be considered a type of decorative hanger. These are actually regular wire, wood or plastic hangers that are surrounded by a padding of sponge or similar soft materials. These hangers are then wrapped around in fabric such as silk, velvet or satin, creating an elegant look.

Uses of Padded Hangers

Padded hangers are used for a variety of purposes by women. Expensive clothes such as wedding gowns, prom dressings and other evening gowns look even more beautiful when hung by padded satin hangers. For delicate clothing such as lingerie and other undergarments, many women prefer to use these hangers. Smaller sized ones can be used for baby’s or children’s clothing. Padded hangers are also made to accommodate garments like skirts and trousers by adding a couple of clips.

There is really no limit to the number of uses that these hangers can be put to. Owing to the fact that they are very pretty, most women like to incorporate these hangers into their closets, one way or another. Silk and sating hangers have been in use for a long time, and in some families have been handed down generations.

Benefits of Using Padded Hangers

Some of the benefits of using these hangers are:

Purchasing Padded Hangers

If you are not really interested in making your own hangers, there are several stores that sell these. Some variations of satin hangers are available with pearl, ribbon, satin flower, lace and other decorations. Novelty stores are more likely to have a better selection of these hangers. Online, you can find a lot of websites that sell padded hangers in sets of ten or twelve. These hangers are great for gifting too.

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