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Multi Hangers

Storage space has been a concern for many people living in small houses, apartments, or even college dorms. If you share a room with a roommate and you are only provided with a small closet, it would be a great hassle for you to store clothes and other accessories. Fortunately, several devices have been invented that create extra storage space within a given closet. Multi Hangers are one such device.

What are Multi Hangers?

As is evident from the name, multi hangers allow multiple garments to be hung from a single hanger, creating more space within a wardrobe. These hangers come in many shapes, sizes and models for various articles of clothing. They are made of different materials too, such as plastic, metal or wood. The common feature between most multi hangers is that they make use of the vertical space in the closet, thus creating more horizontal space.

Types of Multi Hangers

Before you start shopping for these space savers, it would be a good idea to get a rough picture of the types available. Some of them are:

These are a few types of multi hangers available in the market today. The best place to shop for such hangers is the internet. You can find several varieties available for sale on websites. All you need to do is select what you need and have them delivered to your doorstep.

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