Peg Hangers

Coat Hangers

Hangers can be used for many purposes. They are basically organizational tools to hang items in a particular order, making it easy to find things later. One of the most common and important uses of the hanger is to put up clothes in a closet or to display them in a store. Clothes hangers are made of materials like wood, plastic, wire, etc. and come in different shapes, colors and sizes.

Commercial Clothes Hangers

Department stores, malls, exclusive boutiques, etc. all stock and display clothes with the help of clothes hangers. The type and style of the hangers used, of course, varies with the type of store or shop. A regular department store carrying essential clothing would use regular hangers. On the other hand, exclusive clothes come with specially made hangers that carry the logo of the designer or the store.

The material of commercial clothes hangers may also vary. For instance, heavy clothes such as denims or woolens require sturdy wooden hangers, whereas for light clothing like lingerie, plastic ones will suffice.

Clothes Hangers for Home Use

There are many types of hangers used around the home. Let’s take a look at some of these.

Purchasing Clothes Hangers

If you need to make a bulk purchase of hangers for your business, you would be better off contacting a manufacturer or wholesaler who could get you a great deal. For regular consumers however, department stores or shopping malls provide pretty good options. If you are particularly looking for creative or decorative hangers, a lot of websites provide wonderful options that cannot be found in a store. You could take a look at several catalogs and pick the ones that you like best.

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