Peg Hangers

Metal Hangers

In order to organize clothes and other accessories in a closet neatly, hangers are of utmost importance. Clothes hangers come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, colors and even materials. Common hangers are made from wood, plastic or metal. While wood and plastic are more preferred, metal hangers are used by some, and have their own advantages.

Metal Wire Hangers

 These are very thin hangers that are made from metal wires.

Sturdy Metal Hangers

It is a common misconception that wire hangers are the only type of metal ones. Hangers made of more sturdy, durable and high quality metal are available. Metals such as stainless steel lend a lot of strength to these hangers, enabling them to withstand heavier weights.  These hangers are actually quite low on maintenance.

Metal hangers may be decorated in a lot of ways to increase their aesthetic appeal. These hangers can be wrapped with ribbon, foam, felt or other materials in bright colors. Padded hangers usually contain metal underneath all the layers. Square metal hangers with a series of bars can be used to hang multiple clothes, thus saving a lot of closet space.

Other Uses of Metal Hangers

Hangers made of metal are not just used for clothes. Metal peg hangers are very common around the house. In bedrooms, they may be installed behind doors and on walls to hang up accessories such as coats, hats and umbrellas. In bathrooms and kitchens too, peg hangers are useful to hang up a variety of items like wash cloths, towels, pots, pans, etc.

In the living room, dining hall or bedroom, metal hangers can be used to hang up picture frames. The size and type of hanger would depend on the weight of the frame in question. These hangers are drilled and screwed into a wall, and frames are then hung on them. Decorative hangers made of metals like wrought iron also adorn walls in many homes and are used to hang picture frames, keys, hats, etc.

Purchasing Metal Hangers

Depending on what purpose you need to use these hangers for, you need to go to the appropriate store. For instance, clothes hangers would be available in general stores or shopping malls, whereas picture hangers can be found in hardware stores. You can also find any type of metal hanger for sale in the internet.

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