Peg Hangers

Peg Hangers Wholesale

Hangers are one of the most versatile inventions of man. These instruments find use in almost any household, commercial or industrial setting. Hangers may be used for clothes, kitchen and bathroom towels, cookware, toys, toiletries and several other items around the house. In commercial establishments and other organizations such as hospitals, they may be used to hang up coats, instruments, masks, etc.

What are Peg Hangers?

Peg hangers are different from traditional clothes hangers that are used in closets. While they may be used for similar purposes, a peg hanger is different in design and functionality. Any short, cylindrical object that is attached to a surface at one end and open at the other, primarily for the function of holding or hanging is a peg. A peg that is used to hang up different types of articles is a peg hanger.

Peg hangers are usually attached to a wall. Sometimes, a series of pegs are attached to a strip of wood or metal, and that strip is then attached to a wall. This allows you to hang multiple objects. Peg hangers may be made of wood, stainless steel, wrought iron, plastic, etc.

Purchasing Peg Hangers

Hangers are available at local department stores. Depending on the purpose of your use, you may also find peg hangers at hardware and electrical stores. These are pretty common, everyday objects, so finding them would not be such a big deal. However, if you are looking to purchase in bulk and you would like to get a good price, you might want to consider purchasing peg hangers wholesale.

Wholesale Peg Hangers

Manufacturers of hangers rarely sell their products directly to the general public. They either supply them to wholesale peg hanger dealers or retailers. If you need to place a large order of these hangers for your home or business, the best way is to contact a wholesaler. Some of the ways in which you can spot peg hangers wholesale dealers are:

Designer peg hangers may also be purchased wholesale these days. These are decorative items that adorn a wall, with the additional purpose of hanging up items. Wrought iron and wooden peg hangers especially, are available in pretty designs to hang up items like keys, umbrellas and coats.

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