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Custom Hangers

Hangers are some of the most widely used accessories in homes, businesses, stores and several other places. A life without hangers is almost impossible to imagine. People use hangers to hold up a variety of things such as clothes, bathroom and kitchen essentials, ropes, toys, utensils and more.

Custom Hangers are a great way to spruce up your living space, if you are willing to shell out a few extra bucks. There are several creative ways in which you can get hangers customized to create that special look in your home or business environment.

Custom Hangers for your Home

There are different aspects of a hanger that you can get customized for home use and quite a few manufacturers will be happy to oblige you. There would of course, be a minimum number of hangers that you need to purchase since it doesn’t make sense to create just one personalized hanger.

You can work with the manufacturing company to select the design, shape, size, color, material, etc for your personalized hangers. It’s best if you choose a set of hangers that suit your needs. For instance coat hangers need to be quite wide, whereas for a delicate dress a narrow hanger would suffice.

Custom Hangers for your Store

If you own a boutique or a garment store, you probably want to create a style for yourself in terms of hangers. You could have all the hangers for your store custom made to a particular color and material. Some stores prefer to go for plastic hangers as these are light in weight and easy to carry around in bulk. You can choose a color that goes with the theme and interior of your store.

If you own an upscale store, you could choose hangers made of wood or padded material. Most businesses also prefer to get their logo printed on custom hangers.

Custom Door Hangers for your Business

Door hangers are used by businesses and organizations as an advertisement technique. These are cardboard or paper cutouts advertising a business that can be hung on door knobs. Hired employees go around placing these door hangers on people’s front doors. This is a nice way to spread word, especially if you have just started a new business.

Custom hangers are needed for doors as well, since you need to make sure they stand out so that people take notice of them. You can contact a designer to create something especially for you and then get a printer to print out some samples before you make your final decision.

Purchasing Custom Hangers

There are several places where custom hangers can be ordered or purchased.

Custom hangers are a great way to create a look in your home or store that stands apart from the rest.

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