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Hanger Manufacturers

There could hardly be any person in today's world that does not know what a hanger is or does not use one. Hangers have been in use in civilized society ever since we can remember. These accessories are of immense use around the house in various spaces, to hang up different types of items. Most people would be lost just thinking of the mess, if we did not have hangers handy.

Types of Hangers

From the earliest hangers that were very simple and made of materials like metal and wood, the modern day hanger has come a long way. Hanger manufacturers are always trying to be one step ahead of each other in coming up with innovative designs and lovely patterns.  Ranging from ultra-cheap to very expensive, hangers are available to require everybody’s needs and requirements.

Let’s take a look at some of the most noteworthy hanger designs produced by hanger manufacturers.

Hanger manufacturers provide other features on hangers such as safety clips to prevent clothes from slipping off. Wonder hangers allow you to hang multiple shirts vertically to a single hanger one below the other. This is a really neat option for saving space in small closets.

Special hangers to dry clothes in places where there are space constraints are manufactured too. These hangers have one hook to hang on to a clothes line and several clothes pins attached to them. This makes it easy to dry many clothes without taking up too much space on the line.

Locating Hanger Manufacturers

Hanger manufacturers may or may not sell their goods directly. Some of them sell only to wholesalers, and some to wholesalers as well as retailers. However, for custom made or personalized decorative hangers, businesses may contact manufacturers directly with bulk orders.

Most hanger manufacturers have their own website where a lot of information is available about their products.

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